You can now download Asset.Desk 8.9 from our download area.

The new version Asset.Desk 8.9 offers significant enhancements in the area of ​​RFID scanning, graphical inventory plan, contract management and component management.

Contract management

With contract management in Asset.Desk 8.9, you can now plan your liquidity. The “cash flow” view shows you the expected financial requirements in the course of the coming year on the basis of the deposited contracts. With the payment plan, you specify in detail which single and / or regular payments have to be made per contract. Conversely, for outgoing contracts, you determine which receipts you receive. It is always possible to image squadrons, eg. annually increased payments.

All contract data is in one system. You assign a contract group, classify the contracts according to risk, and assign a status as the basis for the workflow.

Calendar view

With the new graphical calendar view you will not miss any expiration or termination dates of your contracts.
The new graphical calendar view displays all appointments that you have released for the resubmission. It supplements the previous resubmission in list form. The calendar view offers a weekly and a monthly view, similar to Outlook. Whether appointments for contracts, objects, warranty, purchase or sale – with the calendar view you have all maturities in view. With the scroll function you can jump from appointment to appointment. With a search function, certain appointments can be found quickly.

Warehouse and component management

When loading and unloading, the FIFO principle now applies, so that the correct purchase price can be drawn when a component is removed.
After logging in, prices and document numbers as well as delivery note data can be subsequently defined in the stock book. For this purpose, items in the warehouse book can be edited and even split. In addition, you can subsequently assign order items to objects (in the tree) with the new version, and thus indirectly make a delivery receipt later. Further information about component management can be found here.

New RFID reader from Zebra

The RFID mobile inventory allows you to capture the complete office equipment quickly, reliably, easily, without any visual contact with the labels and over several meters. For this, the assets of your company are equipped with RFID tags that allow reading at distances of up to 1.5 m, even without line of sight. It is therefore no longer possible that you simply overlook and forget objects during the inventory. Our mobile app Asset.Desk Mobile+ supports the inventory via RFID and already offers the integration of RFID scanners today.

New is the integration of the powerful RFID Reader RFID8500 from Zebra. Reader and app are also connected here via bluetooth standard.

Graphical inventory plan

Visualize your assets in space with the new “Graphical Inventory Plan”. You can see at a glance where, for example, table, couch or PC are in the room. With the “Graphical Inventory Plan” you can even graphically rebuild the equipment of your rooms. The room can be drawn according to the dimensions of the room. All objects in the room can be placed, arranged and rotated anywhere in the room. And by linking to the Asset.Desk database, you can get all the specific data by clicking on an asset.

The inventory plan gives your inventory a face!

New windows scan data

New scan data complete the Windows scan: Contained is now u.a. the Windows Build Nr for the OS, the UEFI Secure Boot Status for the BIOS, and new data for Windows Monitors.

New Windows service

With the new version, the numerous background management tasks, e.g. software mapping, reminder for resubmission, timed reports, separated from the “Asset.Desk Import Service” and bundled in the new “Asset.Desk Management Service”.


We want your Inventory, License and IT Asset Management to be perfect!

More information about Asset.Desk can be found here.

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