CRM Solutions

FCS develops CRM solutions for Dealers and Manufacturers. Always with the goal to gain and regain customers but also to keep loyal customers satisfied.

Customer Portal

Getting in touch with the customer isn’t a complex process. To stay in touch with your customer, to give him comprehensive information about his vehicle including next service events, special offers and make him a loyal customer – that is the challenge the automotive business has to tackle.

Our customer portal helps you to:

  • Regain customers into your workshop
  • Allow digital service bookings for your customer 24/7
  • Contact your customer through the portal
  • Provide customer and vehicle specific information
  • Communicate offers, events and any

The aim of our customer portal is to facilitate service appointments, collecting comprehensive information of the customer’s car, and provide individual offers and rebates from which you and the customer will benefit.

Core features of our customer portal:

  •   Online Service Request: arrange for a service appointment online
  •   Integration of Dealer Network information: select the dealer that closest to you and that offers all you need
  •   Customer profile: It comprises important data on your car.
  •   Service Reminder: Remind your customer on next services – fully automated!
  •   Special Offers:  Provide custom-made offers for your customer, as well as many attractive rebates and car-specific accessories and services

Also, you can provide the vehicle health check to your customer. The results will be displayed in the customer portal and remind your customer to book a service.

If you don’t measure you can’t manage

Part of our customer portal is a reporting suite which allows you to check your performance and success rates. A set of individual KPIs can be defined and enables you to generate actions plans in order to increase your performance and profitabilty.
The main KPIs are:

  •   Number of Customers in your CRM solution / Customer Portal
  •   Online Service Requests processing performance (opened in time, contacted in time, closed in time)
  •   Upsell opportunities based on Online Service Requests (conversion rate)
  •   Generated Vehicle Health Checks versus potential Vehicle Health Checks
  •   Upsell opportunities based on Vehicle Healt Checks (found items vs. sold items)

All KPIs are visualized in a web based frontend. Export functionalities into other Systems or file downloads are available as well as a data retention period of several years. This allows you to perform comparisons with historical data and view your business performance related to a temporal progress.

Fleet Business Solution

The fleet business solution enables you to improve your fleet business by professionally maintain your fleet customers. The management of the customer´s core data, contractual documents, car park, fleet drivers and point of contacts is easy possible and centrally stored.

Store fleet related documents like Service Level Agreements and Term & Conditions and share them with your colleagues and fleet customers.

Maintain car parks easily by using the multi edit function and the dynamic filter logic. Use the multi edit function to adapt the onfleet date, the period till defleet or assign vehicles to the selling or servicing dealer. The dynamic filters can be used to run simple or complex queries with multiple criterions on a car park. Connect your fleet business solution to reliable vehicle data source for an automatized vehicle onfleeting or use the vehicle upload function.

The web based application provides you the benefit of accessing your fleet customer data from everywhere, so this solution is also supporting your field forces and key account managers in their daily business.

The user role management which is controlling the accessibility and visibility of content allows you to invite your fleet customers to your fleet business solution. This provides you the benefit of staying in touch with your fleet customers. You can link commercial content into the portal to attract the customer´s attention on other products of your product portfolio. Your fleet customers can support you in fleet maintenance or simply use their access to receive the latest contractual documents and target achievement reports.

Build relations from vehicle to driver by assigning drivers to their vehicles in the driver management which can be added by you or your fleet customers. Bring the drivers into our end customer portal to advertise them and to increase the loyalty to your company.

Advertise your current marketing campaigns or seasonal offers to your customers and enable them to launch online service requests. You can direct the service requests into our Lead Management solution or into a lead management system of your choice to optimize the lead conversion.

Remind your customers on not missing a service by showing service reminder in a prominent place for the vehicles of their car park. You can connect the service reminder like your marketing campaigns and offers with an online service request form and a lead management system. This enables your customers to directly request services for the affected vehicles.

The fleet business solution can be connected to multiple solutions of our product portfolio to increase the number of your benefits. We can also build interfaces to systems of your choice which are already.

The mentioned features above a part of the basic package and are not mandatory to have in the fleet business solution.

We also offer you to customize the solution to your needs to increase your benefit.