Service Assistance

Electronic Service Assistant

The Electronic Service Assistant is an advanced web application designed to provide service advisors with comprehensive vehicle and customer information in one glance, thereby supporting sales and marketing processes.

The application delivers the right information at the right time by integrating data from various sources, eliminating the need to check multiple systems for required information. With all necessary details consolidated on one screen, service advisors can focus on customer communication, leading to an enhanced consulting experience. Leveraging the service assistant during critical moments for upselling opportunities will increase revenue.

Centralized Information

The following information is consolidated:

  • Complete vehicle details, including options codes and registration plate
  • Predicted next service date
  • Open findings from Vehicle Health Check
  • Full service history, enabling informed decisions based on past work carried out
  • Data from third-party systems, such as extended warranty information
  • Recall information
  • Marketing offers and special deals for the vehicle
  • Optional pre-registration function for your B2C portal
  • Customer engagement, upselling, and lost sales statistics
  • News, training materials, videos, etc.
  • Individual statistics and KPIs

Key Features
One of the primary features is the full service history, displaying all work performed, including labor, parts, dealer, date, and mileage.

The service prediction feature provides due dates for MOT, inspection, and cambelt change to ensure timely service for the customer.

Retailers can create customized marketing offers at the vehicle-specific level, empowering service advisors to identify upsell opportunities and offer the best deals to customers.

Follow-up appointments based on Vehicle Health Check findings provide an opportunity to maintain contact with customers. If a finding does not require immediate repair, customers can be offered a seamless service and receive automated reminders when the item is due.

Our application is web-based and only requires a browser on your local machine. With responsive design, the application is accessible on all mobile devices. Integration with your local DMS enhances functionality, allowing you to benefit from centralized data management and seamlessly work within your DMS.