Service Assistance

Electronic Service Assistant

The electronic service assistant is a state of the art web application, which allows the service advisor to view all necessary information about the vehicle and the customer at one glance and supports the sales and marketing processes .

The application offers the right information at the right time. Data from various sources can be integrated which makes it needless to check multiple systems for the required information. The electronic service assistant provides all you need on one screen. This allows the Service Advisor to focus on the customer communication and enables a better consulting experience for your customers. Using the service assistant in the decisive moment for upsell opportunities will increase your revenue.

Everything in one place

The following information will be consolidated:

  • Full vehicle details including options codes and registration plate
  • Predicted next service date
  • Open findings from Vehicle Health Check (Vehicle Health Check)
  • Full-Service History of the respective vehicle, enabling the Service Advisor to make decisions based on work carried out earlier
  • Data from third party systems, i.e. extended warranty
  • Recall Information
  • Marketing Offers & Special Deals for the vehicle
  • Optional pre-registration function for your B2C portal
  • Statistiken zur Kundenbindung, Upselling, Lost Sales etc.
  • News, Training, Videos etc.
  • Individual Statistics and KPIs

One of the key elements is the full-Service History. It shows all ever-performed work including labour, parts, dealer, date and mileage.

The service prediction supplies due dates for MOT, Inspection and Cambelt change in order to serve the customer with the right services.

As a retailer, you’re able to create customized marketing offers on a vehicle specific level. This allows your Service Advisors to generate upsell potential and offer the best deal to your customers.

Follow up appointments based on the Vehicle Health Check findings offer a huge chance to stay in contact with the customer. If there is a finding, which doesn’t need repair today you can offer your customer a perfect service and send them an automated reminder as soon as the item is due.

Our application is web based and only requires a browser on your local machine. Via responsive design, we’re able to bring the application to every mobile device. Interfacing with your local DMS will enhance functionality on both ends you can take advantage of a centralized data location and work regularly in your DMS.

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