Car Rental Systems

rent Express

With rent Express FCS offers a professional software for your car rental business. The system is tailor-made to the requirements in the rental offices. rent Express offers a fleet and car maintenance and calculates the holding costs per car. Every step within the rental process is covered, including reservation, check-in, check-out and invoicing. An integrated Workflow-Management supports you handling your rental contacts. The calculation of the current rate is flexible and powerful: Regardless if day rates, weekly rates, special conditions, workshop rates you will always be prepared for your customer.

The user interface offers a modern layout based on Windows-Standards. The graphical planning board shows the current rental status your fleet in a daily, weekly or monthly view. You can simply start a rental process and all sub processes directly from the digital board. Tailor-made reports will support your business economic decisions. The print function allows you to print-out every document in a perfect layout: Price lists, offers, rates, contracts, invoices etc.

Using XML/SOAP interfaces rent Express can communicate with upstream and downstream systems. This allows i.e. customer data to be transferred from a CRM Database or Invoice data to be transferred to a DMS. Of course, classic data driven interfaces are supported as well.

rent Express is scalable for your individual needs. From single-desk solutions to centralized ASP solution including secure communication via the internet – a fast and secure data exchange is guaranteed. Self-evidently rent Express supports multi-brand retailers, multi-languages, and retailers with multiple outlets. The core data for vehicles, models, and types are always up to date which allows you to capture new vehicles easily. Additionally, the core data can be synchronized with a centralized database to be always up to date.

rent Express has been developed in cooperation with Opel Händler Vermiet GmbH and is in use by more than 300 retailers.

FHD mobile online

FHD mobile online is a simple and easy to use web application for your rental business. It has been developed in cooperation with the Ford Partnerverband. The modern application supports FHD partners in their daily business. It supplies a full-service rental maintenance from data capturing to rate calculations and vehicle return processes.

Vehicles can be captured with one click and registered in FHD mobile online. A dedicated history will be created per vehicle and shows, based on the so far realized rentals, a full usage-, rental-, and service history. The graphical planning board shows the current rental status your fleet in a daily, weekly or monthly view. Customers can be imported via a data interface i.e. from your DMS.

Finally FHD mobile online offers a wide range of reports and analysis to validate your business economic performance. Surely, all those reports can be exported and printed.