Vehicle Health Check

Electronic Vehicle Health Check – Digitize your service reception!

Improving the service reception process in order to increase the customer satisfaction and generating comprehensive upsell opportunities is one of the mail goals of digitizing the reception process.

Our electronic vehicle health check – available on Android and iOS devices – generates additional sales opportunities by digitizing the service reception and automating the follow up process. Your aftersales teams will be able to significantly increase the gap between generated leads and the conversion into sales.

Increasing productivity in the workshop and service reception, while giving customers the transparency and visibility on any work that is required – this is what the electronic vehicle health check is all about. The technology enables to differentiate between red items (urgent), amber items (medium term) and green items to be presented quickly, consistently and professionally in order to enhance the customer experience and increase parts and labour sales. The automotive business is more than just selling – the electric vehicle health check will increase professionality and customer loyalty. A customer which gets a free of charge health check alongside with a honest status of his vehicle will become a satisfied customer. Items which do not need a repair today but in the near future can be presented to the customer and will automatically remind all parties as soon as the due dates are reached.

eVHC allows you to forward the digital VHC to the end customer via email, pdf or if you decide to book our end customer portal you are able to push the VHC directly into the customer’s account.

The eVHC System can be integrated with your DMS and includes a reporting solution in order to measure your performance (lost sales, conversion rates…)

Our eVHC App is available for iOS and Android devices and can be individualized based on your needs.