Sales Assistance

Web based Sales Tool

To ensure optimal customer consultation, service employees require a modern and user-friendly salesperson’s workplace.

Our modern offer tool for the salesperson’s workplace is a web-based system that allows integration into in-house or external systems. This integration may include financial products, insurance products, or other data sources. By integrating into your own systems, it provides service employees the ability to configure vehicles based on current models and create both customer offers and binding orders. All prices for vehicles, colors, upholstery, equipment, and accessories are always up to date.

Configuring a vehicle is done in a few simple steps. The system is familiar with all construction feasibility rules of the models and presents alternative suggestions to the user in case of conflicts. Additionally, additional information is displayed at each step of the configuration (financing, insurance, etc.).

In addition to the current price list for new vehicles, previous price lists per model are also available to configure and price inventory vehicles and dealer-owned registrations.

Finally, the system allows for precise calculation of the vehicle business in the price list. Discounts can be entered here to calculate the house price. Additionally, transfer costs, amounts for trade-in vehicles, and down payments can be recorded.

Offers can be transferred to purchase agreements at the push of a button. The system naturally also offers a powerful printing function to print offers and purchase agreements.

Through an interface, vehicle configurations and offers can be transferred to the connected Dealer Management System (DMS).

The system is purely web-based and only requires a browser on the client side.