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FCS Fair Computer Systems GmbH is a privately owned German software company that specializes in the development of innovative enterprise software. Our software applications have received multiple awards, including being named a Top Innovator in 2021.

FCS Drive

In our business unit ” FCS Drive,” we develop web-based applications, data warehouses, web services, and mobile apps for the automotive industry using the latest technologies. Our customers include international automotive manufacturers, large auto dealer groups and importers, such as Stellantis, the PSA Group, Opel/Vauxhall, Ford, the AVAG Holding, and the Emil Frey Group.
We build and operate solutions to support sales and after-sales in the automotive business, such as data warehouses, content management systems for vehicles, offer tools with vehicle configuration, service assistants, reporting tools, vehicle health checks, and rental solutions.

In addition, we offer our expertise in automotive trading in numerous consulting projects.

IT Management Solutions

In our business unit ” IT and Asset Management,” we develop standard software for IT inventory, IT asset management, enterprise asset management, license management, software distribution, endpoint security, and helpdesk, which we distribute throughout Europe. Our customers here include well-known medium-sized companies from different industries. We support our customers in the development and implementation of their digital strategy in the area of IT and asset management with our products and expertise. Over 600 customers now rely on FCS software solutions.
FCS’s technological expertise is documented, among other things, by the award as “PUR (Professional User Rating) Champion” and as a partner “Microsoft Gold Application Development.”

Nuremberg has been the company’s headquarters since FCS was founded in 1999.

The Eltville branch has existed since early 2010. Our team of consultants there has gained expert knowledge in data, structures, and processes in the automotive industry through numerous projects.

Our business partners appreciate our expertise and our corporate culture.

Over 500 satisfied customers
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