Product Information Processing & Maintenance


For our clients we developed solutions to capture product information data in a centralized database allowing users to maintain the data in a state of the art web frontend.

Our web applications are build based on the .NET framework using Blazor and Tailwind technology to provide a fast full stack framework and enabling us to develop a great UX for our users.

tech stack overview

Our major goals were:

  • Enable consistent & syncronized data flows between all integrated systems
  • Cross Brand & Multi Market capable
  • Simplify processes  data management
  • Allow data export in common formats
  • Prepare and aggregate reliable data for Business Intelligence

Our experienced team of consultants and developers are working together using agile methods and the SCRUM framework. This allows us to react on short notice to changing requirements which is something that can happen in such complex environments like the Automotive Industry.

Next to the implementation on the inbound side we are developing the required export formats too. This includes a variety of flat file formats and APIs in well known formats like:

  • Excel
  • CSV
  • JSON
  • XML

Creating a web application which is in control of the end to end process from the beginning of the data input to the final output as well as to provide other data recipients valuable data is one of the key achievements we made during the implementation of our Product Information Processing & Maintenance web applications.