Data Warehouse

Dealer Data Connect (DDC)

DDC is a data warehouse for Sales and Aftersales Invoices of all European Stellantis retailers. With DDC there is only one interface to their Dealer Management System (DMS): required to transfer their invoice data to the DDC warehouse. Thru an automated extraction process data will be transferred on a daily basis including Sales-, Aftersales- and Parts Invoices. DDC is using the well-known and modern XML standards and ensures a secured connection.

As the data still and will be always be owned by the dealer, he can now decide via a DDC web front end for which purposes the data shall be used. So called Downstream systems, which are mainly 3rd party agencies, can make use of the data on behalf of the dealer to perform customer satisfaction surveys based on invoices.

FCS develops DDC on behalf of the Manufacturer and operates the DDC Servers as a service provider in a data center. The server farm consists of Application and Database servers as well as of Storages.

FCS holds a service agreement with each European Stellantis retailer including a data processing agreement based on the latest data protection laws (GDPR). The customer opt-in to process and use the customer’s data is available electronically. DDC ensures that the customer’s data will be only processed based on their demand.

Furthermore, the Retailer allows DDC to make use of non-PII data for the purpose of sales analysis and to create a service invoice history. This is an essential part of the Electronic Service Assistant (ESA), which all participating retailers can benefit from. A variety of Reporting and KPIs can be attached to DDC to top off the analysis functionalities.

KOSY Plus Used Car Data Warehouse

In cooperation with the Ford retailer board and Ford, the KOSY PLUS system has been developed, a used car data warehouse, which collects used car data and delivers comprehensive information to used car retailers.

An automated process retrieves used car sales and purchase data including prices and delivers the data to the centralized KOSY PLUS database. KOSY PLUS cleanses the data and in a second step updates a variety of used car platform i.e.,

Many advantages are given due to the centralized and always up-to-date data collection. In the area of controlling for example, KOSY PLUS delivers a set of KPIs enabling the retailer, amongst others, to rate the current stock value. The used car business as a whole can be compared on regional, dealer group or single dealer level. Possible weak points can be identified quickly and addressed. KOSY PLUS offers a powerful web application for all mentioned reports.