The newly redesigned Asset.Desk Mobile+ App gives you a complete picture of your lifecycle management – from capture to inventory control to disposal.

The design of the Mobile+ App has been completely redesigned and now offers an intuitive and clear interface. In addition, the app layout adapts ideally to your respective operating system.
Asset.Desk Mobile+ is specifically designed for fast and comprehensive inventory.

You get a comprehensive overview of the stored inventory data and can record on-site where an asset is located. You can also take photos and deposit the assets. “Moved” assets can be assigned to a new employee, location, building, floor, room or department in an instant.

Without delay, a direct synchronization of all changes made with the Asset.Desk database is possible.

Important note: The prerequisite for Asset.Desk Mobile+ is the module OData Gateway (Version 1.5).

Please contact our sales department.

The app is now available in the Google Play Store for Android and will be available shortly for iOS and Windows 10.